Medieval town Bale – Valle, situated at a height of 140 meters above sea level, lies half way between Rovinj and Pula. The town developed around the medieval castle of the Soardo and Bembo families in the 15th century. It is a typical Istrian town built on a hilltop with narrow streets and stone houses that create a special atmosphere.

It is an area of abundant natural resources, unspoiled nature, crystal blue sea and rich cultural and architectural heritage. Its story is not told only by cultural and historical monuments, but also by the fellowship of its citizens, their hospitality towards each guest and the positive atmosphere which has to be seen and experienced.

Located only 6 km away from the town centre is the 9 km long coastline, part of the campsites San Polo and Colone, which will dazzle you with its rich Mediterranean vegetation, crystal blue sea and amazing sunsets. Take with you the smells and tastes of traditional products – olive oil, wine and cheese and remember this little town at any time of the year- until your next visit.

Castle Bembo

Parish church of Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elizabeth

Lapidarium – Crypt

Sport gym “Bale”

Paleontological exhibit

Ornithological exhibit

The Church of the Holy Spirit

St. Anthony’s Church

St. Elias’ Church